A little about me.

“freelance sysadmin, developer and project manager”

Hi, I'm Aike de Jongste. 31 years old. I'm a certified sysadmin for Linux servers, experienced software developer and an empathic project manager.

I have a pragmatic attitude combined with a lot of organizational sensitivity. Constant need for challenge and change. Goal driven and ambitious


Eindhoven, The Netherlands


+31 6 48566542



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How I can help.

Project Management

Agile Scrum
Coordinating web development


Ruby on Rails
Debian Linux

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Work experience.
IT Manager @ Ultimaker- 2013 - 2014

Ultimaker was small, young and fast growing company. That made it a great place for me to work as IT manager because I'm the link between management and the specialists. I was responsible for two projects and managing the support staff.

As project lead for Ultimaker.com I have worked with designers, developers, seo- and sea-specialists, sysadmins, accountants and management to build a great new platform that really improved sales and automated internal processes. The website and shop are now integrated into one system that is linked to the bookkeeping and logistics systems.

YouMagine- 2013 - 2014

Managed YouMagine, a startup sponsored by Ultimaker. On YouMagine.com Ultimaker customers can share models that can be printed on 3D-printers. I coordinated the project from the start in march 2013. It is built in Ruby on Rails and completely test driven.

Sysadmin @ ViaViela- 2008 - 2013
Sysadmin @ ViaViela

Worked with Debian, OpenBSD, VOIP, IPTV, Puppet, Nagios, Nginx, Git, Ruby on Rails, Zendesk and Google Apps. Together with a colleague I built a server based Linux desktop with thin clients for the users in our office. I also managed a big web server cluster for a custom built CRM application.

Currently self employed

I started as a part time freelancer in 2009 and slowly made it to full time freelancer in 2014. My company is called "De Jongste Consultancy".

I currently offer hosting for Ruby on Rails hosting.

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Services provided by De Jongste Consultancy
Rails Hosting

Rails Hosting

Please contact me for more information about Ruby on Rails hosting. I have a fully automated hosting platform, with backups, monitoring and continuous integration.

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